December 4th: Mobile layouts with scrolling

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One of many strong features in TARGIT is the option to design mobile versions of dashboards in both landscape and portrait mode. 

This feature allows you to create the best possible user experience for those who access your dashboards from mobile devices.

It is often a good idea to do a bit of redesign on your dashboards to accommodate the users on these platforms, and TARGIT allows this in a quite flexible way  - let's look at an example.

If you hold your phone in portrait mode, you are obviously quite limited in terms of width of the screen available. 

So a dashboard like this is not a good fit for looking at data in portrait mode on your phone:



Even if you move these data objects around - the result can still appear a bit messy and crowded on a phone in portrait mode - we simply need more space.

So when you create the mobile layout, and choose page settings - the suggested resolution is 400x750


Now we change 3 things:

  1. Tick custom size
    (now we can set out own resolution)

  2. Change height to 1500 px

  3. Change Fit to and choose page width
    That means it will only adapt to your phone screen in terms of width (and not height) - which gives you a scroll bar on the phone as intended




Now we have a portrait version of the mobile layout that allows scrolling (like you are used to do on your phone).

On my phone it looks like this:

Ingen tilgængelig beskrivelse.

...and after scrolling:


You can try the effect on your own phone with this link: 

Finally notice that a landscape layout has been added - on this there is more space for navigation - and this is also better suited for showing tables with many attributes and measures.

On my phone this layout appears like this:






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