December 5th: The meaning of relative triggers

Whenever you create a trigger in TARGIT, you can tick Relative link like shown below - but what does it actually mean? And what the consequence of ticking or not ticking this? 



As you might know, TARGIT reports are stored in Xview files XML format and  can be examined with any text editor if you wish.

Here is the part that show the location of a trigger in such a report in 2 versions:


  • If you didn't tick Relative link the location of the analysis you are triggering is described like this:

    Global/2021 Maps/Maps start page.xview

Even though the trigger points to a report located in the same folder as the report with the trigger, the full path is there (Global means Shared folder).

This means that if you rename the folder 2021 Maps to something else - or move all the analysis inside this folder to a different folder, the trigger will no longer work.


  • If you did tick Relative link the location of the analysis you are triggering is described like this:

    ./Maps start page.xview

This means that there are no references to folders (because the trigger points to something in the same folder). So the trigger is Relative - the location is described relative to the location of the analysis that holds the trigger.

An analysis (or collection of analysis) with Relative triggers can be moved to another folder or the folder they are located in can be renamed without any consequence.

You could even develop a portal with a lot on interlinked analysis in your personal folder - and then at some point move it all to the Global (Shared) folder, an all the links between your analysis will work without and adjustments needed.



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