December 6th: Menus and folders security

When you set up role based security in TARGIT, one of the things you can control is access to published reports and analysis in the TARGIT folder structure.

If you do not give access to a certain folder, that folder won't be available to a certain group of users, and even more interesting - menu buttons that have triggers referring to content in that folder will disappear.

Let's look at an example. Here's the front page of a very simple company portal created in TARGIT with a menu in the left hand side giving access to Sales-, Finance- and HR- documents.


Now we have a user called who is Sales Manager. 

In TARGIT Management we restrict his access to folders like this:


When he logs into TARGIT, his startpage will look like this: 


Notice the menu now is limited to Sales, since he is restricted from accessing Finance and HR reports. 
It's the same start page but perceived differently depending on your roled based access to folders set up in TARGIT Managent.




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