December 11th: Use of required criteria to hide objects

Required criteria is a great feature that allows you to show data when specific criteria have been applied. 

However, you could also use it for the opposite purpose.

Sometimes  you might want to hide data on a certain condition.
You can do that with visibility agents, but what if you want to hide an entire object?

Let's look at an example.

This dashboard on sales holds a KPI in the upper right corner showing how we are doing compared to budget:


However, in this case, we don't do budget down to product groups, so it seems misleading if someone drilled into a product group to see the budget variance change.

So let's hide the KPI on the condition, that a filter on product group has been applied, using required criteria.

We pick the default KPI (the one just showing one value - no labels, no title).

When setting up the KPI, we go to the value tab and choose none (since we don't want to show any numbers with this KPI.


Now go to the colors tab and choose a white background color.


Now place the KPI on top of the area where the budget KPI is placed and setup required criteria, so that it only appears, when there is criteria on products and otherwise kept hidden.



Now the KPI with budget is hidden behind our white KPI when product group is selected.


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