Known Issues (Cloud)

This list displays known issues that are not yet fixed in a release and workarounds where applicable.

High Priority Issues

TypePriorityComponentsSummaryWorkaroundWork in progress
Windows clientGauges with user dimension gives Query Failed  
Data DiscoveryDS: Data service settings are available to non-admin users 


Low Priority Issues

TypePriorityComponentsSummaryWorkaroundWork in progress
AnywhereCriteria bar: Selecting a member in a global dimension does not update other global dimensions in criteria bar  
AnywhereCriteria bar: Should not display values where seperator is <> or at least display separator 
AnywhereDynamic Time: Week to Date is shown as an option in pre-defined list even if week is not included 
AnywhereEmbedded links: Anywhere is case sensitive 
AnywhereCriteria Bar: Clicking on "No Selection" and a new member afterwards does not clear the existing members  
AnywhereMouse over: Mouse over not matching selected point  
AnywhereLogin token may expire after 2 hours even with activity 
AnywhereDrilled chart change to crosstab when returning to layout  
InsightsNumber of scheduled jobs in Insights doesn't match number in scheduled jobs list  
ServerROLAP: Problem with dimension directly on the fact table / SQL Server  
Windows clientRequired criteria: If dimension and attribute is selected for ANY, it will replace attribute with dimension after saving 
Windows clientCriteria bar (Windows Client) does not show applied dynamic time criteria correctly when operator is not "equals" or "in range"  
Windows clientScheduled job: Error mail is sent to administrators although job completes with a Warning.  
Windows clientScheduled Job: Dialog displays an error when navigating to bookmark  
Windows clientGauge: When converting from crosstab - in properties value can't be added before you have been in define mode and back  
Windows clientTrigger Export Layout list shows First Dashboard Layout double (First in list should be named first report layout) 
Windows clientA slicer set to drop-down and using filter delegate will show the delegated filter after choosing the original filter  
Windows clientColumns can not be dragged and dropped at the end  
Windows clientPeriods/Criteria Bar: Making a static selection and click dynamic time and click Editor will crash client  
Windows clientVisualization Column chart: Axis interval doubles and cause unpropertional share between white space and bar  
Windows clientMap chart: Longitude & Latitude not placed correct for DD & TabularUsing the feature behave as member property will place markings correct
ManagementSpaces between criterias added to role can trick the user to misread the criterias 
Windows clientCtrl-V does not create copy of file in same folder 
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