Known Issues (Cloud)

This list displays known issues that are not yet fixed in a release and workarounds where applicable.

High Priority Issues

No issues have been completed yet for the upcoming release.


Low Priority Issues

TypePriorityComponentsSummaryWorkaroundWork in progress
AnywhereAnywhere not ignoring that level in expand is not from the dimension in use  
AnywhereNot respecting axis min in maximized mode and after object is maximized 
AnywhereLocal Criteria / Criteria from different cube than object source data cube will be removed in Windows, but shown in Anywhere 
Windows clientObject "table" - cannot move calculations columns  
Windows clientColumns can not be dragged and dropped at the end  
Windows clientTranslation of user dimension 2.0 
Windows clientRelative links on Trigger in menu file gives blank menu (like if document not added) 
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