Crosstab Load Limit

[Version: 2023 - August]
[Build: 23.08.31502]

With this release we have introduced a load limit to the number of rows and columns that will be rendered by default in a large crosstab.

Huge crosstabs are rarely scrolled to the end anyway. Often, they are included in the document solely for exporting purposes. So, to improve performance when loading documents with huge crosstabs with more than 10000 rows or more than 100 columns, only the first 1000 rows and the first 50 columns are rendered.

The Designer user will see a warning when Crosstab Load Limit is in effect and the Consumer user will have an option to 'Load all'. The Designer user will even have an option to 'Always show full dataset'.

Note: Even if the rendered data is limited to e.g., the first 1000 rows, the full data set is actually already loaded. I.e. all Totals and Subtotals will always be correct according to the full data set. All other behavior, e.g., exports, calculations and Top lists, will also work upon the full data set.

In the Designer client, the Designer user (in Designer mode) will see a warning like this when the Load Limit is in effect:

The Consumer user (in Consumer mode), when scrolled to the end of the crosstab, will have this option to render the full data set:

'Crosstab Load Limit', as described above, is now the default behavior for crosstabs. While not recommended, it is however possible to right click the crosstab to enable 'Always show full dataset':

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