Images in Crosstabs

[Version: 2023 - August]
[Build: 23.08.31502]

With this feature, you can show images next to your dimension members in each row in a crosstab.

Use cases for images in crosstabs might be:

  • Product images
  • Company logos
  • Portraits
  • Etc.

The images should reside on a server that the end-users have access to - without requiring further authorization. In other words, the server should be set up with 'public access'. Note that a server with 'public access' of course still can be server that is accessible only from within an organization's own network.

Initially, the images are represented as a web URL. With the 'Images' property, the web URLs are then rendered as an image inside the crosstab cell.

It is recommended to keep the original image sizes as small as possible. While there is no limit to the number of images in a crosstab, please note that you may start seeing a performance impact when handling e.g., more than 20 images sized 1-2 MB each.

Note: If you cannot make it work with URLs of the 'http://' type, you may try with 'https://' instead.

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  • Great Work! Thanks!

  • Are all common image formats supported? Or are there known restrictions? 

  • Hi Ole Dyring

    I tried this feature with the Online Demo Data cube Sales but the images don't load, because it's only a Google Seach url. Maybe this could be added in the demodata cube.

  • Hi Marlene,

    Our demodata does not hold URLs to images - maybe they should. I will consider that.

    The 'Google Search URL' is exactly that ... a Google search url. It is not a URL to an image.

    If you click the URL from a crosstab, it will do a Google search.

    BR / Ole



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