URLs in crosstabs

Anything starting with http or https will by default be considered a valid URL and will be treated as a clickable URL in a TARGIT crosstab.



If you right click a crosstab, you have an option to enable/disable the autodetection of URLs.

Non-standard URLs

If you try to implement a non-standard URL, i.e. a URL that does not start with http or https, then you can still make it work by embracing the URL in <a href= ...> </a> tags.

As an example, TARGIT's own URL to open a dashboard with the Windows client, may look like this:


This URL, as it is,  will not be clickable in a TARGIT crosstab.

To make it clickable, we will need to embrace it in <a href= ...> </a> tags, e.g., like this:

<a href="targithttps://localhost:1301/vfs/Global/Territory%20Dashboard.xview">Link to TARGIT dashboard</a>

Look for further documentation and inspiration in this article: https://community.targit.com/hc/en-us/articles/8091097368093-Document-directory-as-interactive-menu-from-Insights-data

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