Various logging - for troubleshooting

Areas of use

.DMP file

  • TARGIT application freezes/hangs.
Event viewer x Can be used to identify issues that are on end-users PC. TARGIT Server logs are not included when TARGIT is running on Cloud.
  • Server
  • Windows client
  • Anywhere
HAR file x x
  • Anywhere
  • Relevant tool from 2023 August release
Log.cfg x x
  • Windows client
TIC Tool x x
  • Windows client

(TIC tool: TIC - TARGIT Information Collector)

Event Viewer

  • Open Event Viewer App on the machine
  • Locate to Windows Logs → Application logs (sometimes System logs are also needed) → Save all events as

Note: to see the errors from TARGIT server, this application needs to be opened on TARGIT server. 


It can be done on TARGIT server and on endusers PC.

  • Close TARGIT Windows client
  • Create a folder called C:\log
  • Place the attached log.cfg file in c:\log
  • Open TARGIT Windows client and replicate the error.
  • Navigate to C:\log and grab the files and attach them to your ticket.
  • Delete log.cfg from C:\log

(See attached sample log.cfg)

HAR file

  • Open your web browser and click on F12. That will open Developer Tools. It is best to start a new session from your browser or use incognito tab)
  • Enter the URL to Anywhere, log in, replicate the issue.
  • Find the “Network” tab
  • Right click on the name of one of the logs.
  • “Save all as HAR with content.”

.DMP file

Create a .DMP file using Task Manager. 

This can be useful if TARGIT application freezes/hangs.

  • Open the “Windows Task Manager”
  • Select the “Processes” tab
  • Right click the process you wish to take a dump of
  • Select “Create Dump File”

Collecting user mode .dmp

This can be useful when TARGIT server (machine) crashes

  • You can create a specific key in:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows\Windows Error Reporting\LocalDumps\ANTserver.exe - set DumpFolder to a sensible folder (create a new empty folder in the root of the C:-drive and use its path).

  • Set DumpType to 2


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