TARGIT Decision Suite

The TARGIT Decision Suite includes the following components:

  • TARGIT Server
  • TARGIT Windows client
  • TARGIT Data Discovery
  • TARGIT InMemory Database
  • TARGIT InMemory ETL Studio
  • TARGIT InMemory ETL Scheduler Service
  • TARGIT InMemory Data Drivers
  • TARGIT Anywhere Configuration
  • TARGIT Management

and in addition:

  • iOS and Android App to support TARGIT Anywhere.

You need, as a minimum, the TARGIT Server and the TARGIT Windows client in order to utilize the TARGIT
Decision Suite.

Installation of the TARGIT Decision Suite is performed using the TARGIT Installer, this application will ensure proper installation of the TARGIT Decision Suite.

You can install all components from the TARGIT Decision Suite, but your license key will only enable deployment of those included in the license fee.

The App for iOS and Android must be installed from either Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

Configuration is performed in TARGIT Management. TARGIT Management is the management application for configuring the TARGIT Server and TARGIT applications. Detailed information regarding configuration of TARGIT Decision Suite can be found in the Configuration Guide.

The TARGIT Server is the central component that handles all connections to data, all queries launched by end users and enforces all setup restrictions. The TARGIT client allows you to build reports and dashboards, set schedules and notifications.

TARGIT Data Discovery can create data models based on ad-hoc data sources.

TARGIT InMemory Database is a column store database for TARGITs InMemory service.

The TARGIT InMemory ETL Studio is a tool for extracting, transforming and loading data into the InMemory database.

The TARGIT InMemory ETL Scheduler Service sets the refresh frequency of data, TARGIT InMemory
Data Drivers is an add-on to ETLStudio that enables connection to multiple data sources.

TARGIT Anywhere Configuration is the installation tool for TARGITs web application; TARGIT Anywhere.

The iOS/Android App utilizes the TARGIT Anywhere web application which facilitates access to TARGIT analysis, dashboards, and reports.

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