Drill down criteria

Another extremely efficient way to work with criteria is to take advantage of the dimension members that are part of the analysis objects.

This is where the cross table comes into play. If you click one of the Salespersons in this list, you will notice that data in the other objects change accordingly. This is what is called a Drill down criteria – i.e. when you click a dimension member in one object, it will apply as a filter to the other objects.

In the screenshot below, Vern Fergusson is clicked first. After that, on the Column/Line chart, the 12 months of 2017 have been selected. Both selections now work as filters on the remaining objects.

You have three options for selecting multiple dimension members:

  • In graphs, draw a lasso (a box) around the dimension members you want to select.
  • Hold the CTRL key while multi selecting individual dimension members.
  • Hold the SHIFT key to select a range of dimension members.


Point to (or click) the info icon in an object’s top left corner to see what combined criteria, global as well as drill-down criteria, currently affects the object.


The horizontal bar chart is a graphical presentation of a couple of measures and the Time dimension. It is possible to see a crosstab presentation of the data by clicking the “Show data” button in the top right corner of the object.


Click “Show chart” to get back.


Drill-down criteria can be removed by clicking the selected member again or by clicking the ”Drill out” button in the top right corner of the object from where the drill-down criteria was initially applied.


Tip:  You can also remove drill-down criteria, like the month in the example above, by clicking ”outside” the dimension members in the object.

Tip:  You can remove all drill-down criteria from all objects in your analysis by clicking the ”Drill out all objects” button in the upper right corner of your client:


Note: When an object has been used for applying drill-down criteria, the object will be “locked” until the drill down selection has been removed. As long as the object is locked, it will not respond to e.g. formatting changes and other criteria changes.

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