Drill down objects

Instead of adding dimensions to the criteria bar, we will add 3 tables, containing dimension only. The simple table can be found in the Design ribbon in the Charts section.


This table will allow the users to filter the data by drilling down on the countries in the table.


The table uses the standard format defined for all cross tables. You can choose not to re-format but you can change the properties for the crosstab theme.


The dialogue box offers many options for changing / adding various themes. When a new theme has been added, you can save it for later use.

However, this is not a crosstab but the column header has to be changed here. Click the element and choose the property to change. Here we want to change the font size for Column label 1.


A simple way of changing the row formats is by right clicking a row


And then change the font in the exactly same waymceclip5.png

When the first table has been formatted, you can copy it (Ctrl+C -> Ctrl+V) and then re-define the table to change the dimension.

You can clarify the purpose of the table by entering an appropriate dynamic caption.


Table header changed with Dynamic captions:


The analysis is ready to use. You can experiment with the table placement in order to place them in the right spot and in the right order.


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