Criteria behavior

From the object's context menu (right click), you can specify different behaviors - e.g. 'Ignore drills', 'Ignore changes'  and 'Ignore dimensions'.

Note: These settings will only have an effect on criteria changes via Global criteria or via Drill down criteria. Local criteria and criteria from User Dimensions will not be affected.


Respond to all changes

This is the default behavior. The object will respond to all Global criteria changes and to all Drill down criteria changes.

Ignore Drills

With this setting, the object will still respond to Global criteria changes but will ignore criteria changes coming from Drill downs from other objects.

Ignore all changes

With this setting, the object will not respond to any changes from Global criteria nor from Drill downs.

Ignore dimensions

With this setting, you can select one or more dimensions that should be ignored if they are used for criteria changes.

In example below, criteria changes - Global and Drill down - are ignored from the Customer Territory dimension.


Watch the video in this Tip for further examples on Criteria behavior:

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