Repeater pages

The report layout will automatically repeat (continue) a long crosstab on the following pages, for as many pages as necessary to show the full crosstab.

As you start to insert other objects in your report layout, you may need to Customize repeater page. If you don’t, all objects on the first page will be repeated – and usually you don’t want that.


In this example, we have added a column chart to the first page. If we just used the default repeater page functionality, the (same) column chart would be repeated on every single page.


However, we want the column chart to appear on the first page only, so, on the customized repeater page we will actively remove the column chart so that only the crosstab will remain:


When printed to PDF, it will look like this:


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  • Hi , How do you enable the repeating of the column headers of the table/crosstable on the next page if table spans multiple pages?

    I want this as well, but sofar am unable to reproduce it, so am missing this property setting somewhere.


  • Hi Femke,

    There isn't an option to enable/disable column headers on repeater pages. They will always repeat. I cannot replicate your issue in my current version of TARGIT (2021, build 19280).

    What version are you running?

    BR / Ole

  • I'm running the same version.

    i have an output pdf screenshot below, i have hidden the values after clipping.

  • could it be marge related or something? I'm not missing any rows in the pdf, just the header

  • I changed the margins on the repeater page and that is working. so it recognizes different setttings in same object table. (main page no margin, repeater page normal margins)


  • Hmm. Not sure. In one of your screenshots, your crosstab on the repeater page looks extremely close to the top of the page. Did you move it outside the canvas...? I guess not.

    I would recommend that you do a couple of tests:

    1. Remove your customized repeater page. The report will then work with a default repeater page (repeating everything from page 1). Does the column header issue persist?
    2. After step 1, create a new customized repeater page. Remove unnecessary object on the repeater page, except the crosstab. Adjust the size of the crosstab, but *only* making it higher. Does the column header issue persist?

    If all other things still fail, I think your issue is a candidate for the official support:


  • Hi Ole, 

    I tried by:

    - creating new blank report from standard template

    - adding crosstab

    - adding 1 dimension and 1 measure, no change in format, position or other properties , so this is the default crosstab.

    - export to pdf: export_1.pdf and i dont have the headers repeated.

    even if I now change something and add a repeater page e.g. it won't display it. 

    I'll create a ticket and refer to this post.


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