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When working with a document, whether that is a new document or an existing one, you can add a Report layout to the document.


A Report is something that you would typically design for printing purposes – either print to paper or print to PDF.

The essence of adding data to a Report Layout - crosstabs, graphs, KPI objects etc. - is identical to that of adding data to a Dashboard Layout.

You can even have a Document with both layout types - Dashboard Layouts and Report Layouts - sharing objects from the Objects list.

Report Layouts differ from Dashboard Layouts mainly on these topics:

  • Pages. A Report Layout may contain multiple pages with different layout and different content on each page. Pages can be of different sizes and formats.
  • Repeater page. The Repeater page in a Report Layout repeats content on as many pages as necessary. E.g. a very long crosstab may need to be repeated (continued) across multiple pages to show all the data.
  • Iterations. The Iteration option lets you define a number of dimension members for which the report should be iterated. E.g. you may have designed a “master” report showing various data for your Product range. This master report may then iterate across the Country dimension to produce a report with Product range information at one page per Country.
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