Copy data objects from "Classical reports" to the new TARGIT 2019 report format

With the TARGIT 2019 version, the reporting engine was completely revised, and that was to such an extent that reports created in TARGIT 2018 or earlier versions cannot automatically convert to the 2019 format. While these "Classical reports" will still work in the TARGIT 2019 environment, this is only for a limited time. With the upcoming TARGIT 2021 we will no longer support the classical report format (TARGIT 2021 Update 3 is the last version to support Classical Reports). In other words: You will have to re-create the necessary reports in the 2019 format if you want to ensure your reporting capabilities into the future.

To help the process of re-creating your reports in the new format, you can now copy data objects from the classical report and into the new report. Some of your old graphs and crosstabs may have held cumbersome calculations and formatting settings, which you no longer need to re-create as they can now simply be copied together with the data object.


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