Dynamic criteria from the Criteria Editor

Open the Criteria Editor from the mini menu:


With the Criteria Editor opened, click Add criteria.


We can now go directly to dynamic criteria by clicking the related button in the lower left corner of the dialogue box.


We will now see a large number of pre-defined dynamic criteria, depending on the structure of the time dimension.

Notice that the time dimension in TARGIT demo data contains a hierarchy with four levels: Year, Quarter, Month and Date. The same four levels are reflected in the options we are offered as pre-defined dynamic criteria.

Also, notice the text in parenthesis after each of the pre-defined dynamic criteria. The text tells us what we currently can expect from each criteria option, based on today’s date. The box Dynamic date origin is used for simulating another today’s date. When used, the results on the right hand side will change accordingly.

Let us try the Year-to-date option.


If we just accept it as it is and click OK, we will get this result:


This result is based on Dynamic date origin set to October 13, 2017. Furthermore, in the bar chart, the time dimension has been expanded to the month level.

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