Customized dynamic criteria

Even though there is a wide range of pre-defined criteria, at some point you may be in need of setting up a customized dynamic criterion.

When working with dynamic criteria in the Criteria Editor dialogue box, there is an option to work with Custom dynamic criteria in the lower right corner of the box.


E.g. if we want to see data three months back relatively to the current month, we should make a definition like this:


The necessary steps are these:

  • Select the correct Result level. With the result level, you determine whether the outcome should be data on year, quarter, month or date basis.
  • Add an Offset. In this sample, we picked a month offset in order to shift the criterion a number of months back in time. Add multiple offsets if necessary. The results in the right most column will reflect how each offset moves the criterion.
  • An offset can be Relative or Specific. In this case, we choose a relative offset of -3 months as we wish to see data for the month three months before the current month. Click the word “Relative” to change it to “Specific” which will enable you to select a specific month like “January”.

Another example on how to use custom dynamic criteria might be if we wanted to see a dynamic period of multiple months, e.g. the last three concluded months.

The dynamic criteria for this will have to use a starting point as well as an ending point. The operator “between” is useful for this purpose. When you have selected the “between” operator from the left hand side, you will be able to define these two points. Click on each line to define each one individually.


As a result of the above definition, we will now see data for the last three concluded months. The screen shot is based on Dynamic date origin set to October 2016.


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