TARGIT Management client

The TARGIT Management client is the configuration interface to the ANTserver. A few of the most important settings that can be managed via the TARGIT Management client are:

  • Connection strings to OLAP databases
  • Translations of OLAP database elements and saved analyses and reports
  • Security Settings

The demo will take you through parts of the TARGIT Management client, specifically the sections required to connect to the OLAP database and to translate the business terms. When the connection has been established we will start using the TARGIT client to browse and verify the data in our Sales cube.

First, we must open the TARGIT Management client.



This will open the TARGIT Management client:


Let us start by looking at some of the information we can retrieve from the TARGIT Management client, and which may be of general interest to people administrating a TARGIT server:

  • Click the License icon to see license information. Most notably, from the License Information, we can determine the license Expiration date, and we can check the number of different user profiles that has been purchased with this license.
  • Click the System icon to see current server status and the Logins icon to see a list of currently connected users. The ANTserver is the physical name of process running the TARGIT Server.
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