Storytelling with enhanced focus points

This dashboard was created for our maps visualization contest and it contains a lot of tips and tricks that really can help you in your daily work creating dashboards with TARGIT.

This tip - based on this dashboard - is around storytelling with enhanced focus points.


Author of dashboard: Michael Overgaard from TARGIT partner KMD.

Notice the upper right corner (in the red square)– there’s a very subtle column chart in the background showing the development through time.

In this column chart 3 color agents are applied to make the viewers focus on 3 points in time:

Yesterday, 30 days ago and 60 days ago.

These color agents had these conditions

  • allcount(d1, 0:d-1, m1) = 2 (no 2 row from the bottom)
  • allcount(d1, 0:d-1, m1) = 31 (no 31 row from the bottom)
  • allcount(d1, 0:d-1, m1) = 61 (no 61 row from the bottom)


So, with these 3 color agents in place, you can assign special colors to certain columns in the column chart.

To expand on these 3 focus points ,3 donut charts are added and placed strategically right where they belong.

These donut charts will then add some bonus info by showing what the increase/decrease since yesterday, since 30 days ago, since 60 days ago.

That is a very strong combination that will get your point across – and tell the story that you want the users to perceive from the dashboard.

Notice: There are 2 other tips based on this dashboard:

Conditional labels to show outliers

Create a good scale for color agents in TARGIT


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