On-prem release information

Next expected release for on-prem: June 2024

More information to follow.


Latest release for on-prem: 2024, May 6th  (TDS 2024 - April Build 24.05.03003) - replacing other release

This release addresses bugs and the following noteworthy features:

Please refer to the changelog for specific changes.


Release for on-prem: 2024, February 14th  (TDS 2024 - February Build 24.02.13001)

This release addresses a lot of bugs and the following noteworthy features:

Please refer to the changelog for specific changes.


Release for on-prem: 2023, December 12th  (TDS 2023 - December Build 23.12.11509)

This release addresses several bugs and the following features:


Release for on-prem: 2023, November 23rd (TDS 2023 - November 2 Build


This release contains 2 major features 

MASHUP DIMENSIONS  : A way to unify dimensions across both cubes and database connections. This is especially useful when wanting to apply one single filter that works across your entire DW (or parts of it).

FILTER DELEGATES       : Filter delegates allows an object to substitute a drill filter with an alternative dimension "translating" the drill to an alternate set of filter members. This is a very strong feature when wanting to isolate a set of filter members (citizens, products, etc) to pursue further "investigations" into this subset of members without having to multi select all these members for further investigation.

These two features have been coveted by the municipalities in particular, but can generally be very useful in other similar use cases.

Targit Decision Suite 2023 November 2 can be downloaded here
This version also contains bug fixes - please visit the Change Log for a full list of changes.

For a revisit of the features in the 2023 - August, October and November release or general information on known issues and release information, please visit the TARGIT Community.


Release for on-prem: 2023, October 31st (TDS 2023 - November build


This release fixes bugs identified in previous releases. The change log is available here: Changelog 2023 November

Overview of changes to the TARGIT 2023 October release is available here: Changelog 2023 October

Overview of new features that became part of the Suite in the 2023 - August release here : 2023 - August release.


Please note that we have made the following important changes to the 2023 - August release that you need to be aware of before upgrading:

Deprecations for this release is listed on the deprecation page in the community. Please pay special attention to the deprecation of old documents, as has been communicated across the last releases.

New Mobile Apps
Because of underlying changes in Anywhere and the way communication is done with the apps, we have decided to release a new app with updated graphics. The older apps cannot connect to the TARGIT Decision Suite 2023 - August and future versions. To find the new app, search for 'TARGIT Mobile 2023' in Apple App Store or Google Play.

Changes to Excel export

In previous versions, exporting to Excel would export the objects from the layouts that have been opened in the document. This behavior has been changed for Anywhere, such that only objects in the currently selected layout are exported. 

Changes to Existing InMemory Scripts and Data Discovery
Scheduler service is now moved to the new .NET 7 framework, that means that any existing script needs to be verified and adjusted to a version of a driver that is compatible with .NET 7. The data sources that might be affected after upgrade: IBM DB2, Oracle, PostgreSQL, MySQL. For Data Discovery the move to the .NET 7 Framework means that the connection properties of the DB2 driver must be changed to point to a new .NET 7 compatible .dll.

Please note that all documentation is available from the TARGIT Community portal. In the ‘Product News’ section, you will find information relevant for this particular release. In the Windows and Anywhere clients, use the ‘Help’ link to get to the documentation portal.”

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  • New version has been released today. Further information available on this page.

  • A security issue has been identified in the latest 'TARGIT Decision Suite 2024 - April'

    When a user logs in to TARGIT Anywhere the full list of all personal documents and user names are received. Though the documents do not appear in the user interface of TARGIT Anywhere and cannot be opened, a logged in user is able to go to e.g. Chrome's console log and see a list of all user names and personal document names.

    We're working on a fix and will release a new build as soon as possible.

  • The security issue has been fixed and a new build is available in the download center. We recommend everyone who installed the previous build (24.04.25002) to upgrade to this build (24.05.03003) .


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