On-prem release information

(Latest release on top)

Next expected release for on-prem: 2023, August

This release will contain both features and bug fixes.


Last release for on-prem: 2023, April 3rd

(build version 23.02.15007) - TARGIT 2022 Winter Update 1

This release is mainly a bug fix version.

Change log is available in the download center (login required).

If upgrading from an older release, please refer to the release notes and new features mentioned below.

Note: A new build (15007) replaced the old build (15003) in the download center on the 3rd of April.


Last Feature Release For on-prem: 2022, December 1st (build version 22.11.29002) - TARGIT 2022 Winter

This release contains several new features as well as bug fixes.

Release notes and the total overview of new features can be found here : 2022 Winter release.

A few features have been deprecated in this version: Deprecations.

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  • Update: Next planned on-prem feature release: August 2023


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