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Upcoming Release

TypeComponentsChange log titleChange log description
ManagementDimensions with multiple hierarchies
ManagementEnhanced version control check for data model editorTo make sure that we don't have older versions of Management changing data models on a new server where the data model format has changed, a version check is performed when saving the data model. Please note that this will not have practical effect until you upgrade from this version to the next version.
ServerOption to change the unique name format of relational connections to look like SSAS unique names
The setting in Management Studio will ensure that dashboards running in a relational environment will be interpreted according to SSAS or current parsing rules.
Windows clientExport of layouts to Excel through triggers
Trigger to excel dialog extend with export options to select specific or predefined layouts (current layout, first report layout, first dashboard layout and all layouts).
ETL StudioDuplicate functionality for Data SourcesIn certain scenarios, managing multiple data sources that point to the same or similar locations becomes imperative. Introducing a duplicate button feature would streamline this process by allowing users to effortlessly replicate selected data sources, complete with their predefined parameters.
ETL StudioXML Driver now supports data download from URLWe are excited to announce that the XML Driver has been enhanced with a new capability: it can now download data directly from a specified URL. This feature streamlines the data integration process, making it easier and faster to import XML data from web sources into your applications. Simply provide the URL, and the XML Driver will handle the rest, ensuring a seamless and efficient data retrieval experience.
ETL StudioEnhanced error handling with Try-Catch Implementation in Import and Script tasksWe've introduced a new feature that adds a Try-Catch flag to Import and Script tasks, enabling automatic generation of try-catch blocks around your import statements or custom scripts. Additionally, a new try-catch task has been incorporated to streamline error handling, ensuring your code is more robust and less prone to runtime errors. This enhancement simplifies debugging and improves the stability of your applications.
Scheduler Service  
VSCodeExtensionDuplicated entries in autocomplete suggestionsFixed issue with duplicated entries in autocomplete when multiple same entries come from various databases
VSCodeExtensionAdded support for information_schema
Information_schema tables are now available as part of autocomplete suggestions:
Plugin: XMLXML Plugin now supports data download from URLWe are excited to announce that the XML Plugin has been enhanced with a new capability: it can now download data directly from a specified URL. This feature streamlines the data integration process, making it easier and faster to import XML data from web sources into your applications. Simply provide the URL, and the XML Plugin will handle the rest, ensuring a seamless and efficient data retrieval experience.
Driver: XMLGeneric REST API now handles XML responsesOur Generic REST API Online Data Provider has been upgraded to support XML format responses. This enhancement allows for greater flexibility and integration capabilities, enabling seamless data retrieval in XML format from our API endpoints.
Driver: XMLXML Driver now supports data download from URLWe are excited to announce that the XML Driver has been enhanced with a new capability: it can now download data directly from a specified URL. This feature streamlines the data integration process, making it easier and faster to import XML data from web sources into your applications. Simply provide the URL, and the XML Driver will handle the rest, ensuring a seamless and efficient data retrieval experience.
ManagementEnhanced navigation and usability in Data model editor by organizing dimensions and Display folder into dedicated foldersWe've restructured the folder organization by separating dimensions and display folders. This change is aimed at improving the overall overview and navigation within the application.
ManagementReintroduce the display folders in the data model editorThe new visualization of dimensions and hierarchies has changed, but the display folder are reintroduced next to dimensions. For ease of navigation, the display folders come first.
AnywhereCriteria: Unselect on higher level not possible when only some children are selected 
AnywhereWeb box not updating dynamic content 
AnywhereFilter delegate: Different from is behaving as equal toThe different from option is behaving as equal to
AnywhereDocuments with Immediate refresh disabled do not apply criteria when changing criteria 
AnywhereMenu/Texbox file keeps loading in Anywhere 
ManagementDimension Member Properties Locked in Data ModelMember property name cannot be edited in Data Model editor
ManagementScheduled batch job failed after the relational data model is saved in new format 
Server"Duplicates in data model" error displayed in Source dataDuplicates in data model shows error message in Source data
ServerLarge dynamic roles can cause problems with token being too largeAny dynamic roles are stored directly in the token, but if these role definitions are too large, it will still cause problems with the size of the token.
ServerCrosstab load more is not loading moreThe option to load more data from Crosstab is not loading more data
Windows clientCrosstab: Edit for Lookup not visible in Crosstab Title 
Windows clientCalculation: Adding visibility to column with sort will freeze TARGIT 
Windows clientDocuments containing slicer objects not included in by indexerIf a document contains a slicer object, it might not be indexed correct. Those documents will not be included in insights, and will fail to show up when editing user dimensions.
Windows clientIf shared User Dimension were used in iteration page it was not included in index 
Windows client'Request was interrupted' error is sometimes displayed in objects after triggeringWhen triggering from a document that isn't done loading all objects the error 'Request was interrupted' is sometimes displayed in the objects of the document you trigger to.
Windows clientMouse over not showing correct member name when criteria is changed 
ETL StudioFixed error when opening non-existent project foldersWe have resolved the issue where an error message was displayed when attempting to open a project's folder that does not exist in the ETL Studio.
ETL StudioNull Reference Exception is thrown for Import task within Condition taskWe have resolved a Null Reference Exception issue that occurred when adding an Import task into a Condition task.
Scheduler ManagementImproved load time for .logs & .events lists in Scheduler ManagementWe have fixed the issue causing long load times when displaying lists of .logs and .events in the Scheduler Management. This enhancement ensures quicker access and a more efficient user experience when managing and viewing log and event files.
Scheduler ServiceUnable to login to Scheduler Service using access token with "Never" expiration dateWe have fixed the issue preventing users from logging into the scheduler service using an access token with a "Never" expiration date. This update ensures that tokens with indefinite validity are now properly recognized, allowing for seamless access and authentication.
Data Discovery401 Unauthorized error is thrown when querying for dataAn issue was fixed that prevented users from querying for cube's data and resulted in an 401 Unauthorized error
Data Discovery Back-endCertain data sources become unavailable after trying to reload themData sources throw error message "Cannot execute the import script for data source" during reload or creation of a new data source for CSV, Excel, JSON, XML, TARGIT Analysis plugins.
Plugin: Excel"Capacity Must Be Positive" error fixed for large excel filesWe have resolved the "Capacity must be positive" error encountered when creating a data source for large Excel files. This fix ensures smooth and efficient handling of big Excel datasets, allowing for uninterrupted data processing and analysis.
Driver: Excel"Capacity Must Be Positive" error fixed for large excel filesWe have resolved the "Capacity must be positive" error encountered when creating a data source for large Excel files. This fix ensures smooth and efficient handling of big Excel datasets, allowing for uninterrupted data processing and analysis.
Online Data Provider: Generic Rest APIEnhance data source configuration to support URL and URL parameter integrationThis change addresses the limitation that previously prevented the use of data source parameters as part of URLs or URL parameters within the product. By enabling this functionality, users can now dynamically incorporate data source parameters directly into URLs or URL query strings, facilitating more flexible and powerful data integrations.


2024 - April (24.05.03003)

TypeComponentsChange log titleChange log description
Windows clientCopy multiple documents from and to VFS through the TARGIT Windows Client
This feature makes it easier to multiselect documents from the TARGIT VFS structure and copy paste them to and from the Windows file system.
ServerUsers may get access to list of all other users' user names and personal documentsWhen a user logs in to TARGIT Anywhere the full list of all personal documents and user names are received. Though the documents do not appear in the user interface of TARGIT Anywhere and cannot be opened, a logged in user is able to go to e.g. Chrome's console log and see a list of all user names and personal document names.
Windows clientAccess Violation: When adding dynamic caption to expanded hierarchyWhen edit dynamic caption on members on this level an Access violation is shown
Windows clientCalculation: Adding visibility to column with sort will freeze TARGIT 
Windows clientReport: Height different for same columns in chart on different pagesIn reports containing column charts that span over multiple pages, the scaling changes from page to page and are not always aligned with values on y-axis.
InMemory DatabaseAbility to load multiple columns in Parallel when in LazyLoad Mode.To use this feature you need to add a new variable to targitdb.ini called lazyload_streams ,with the desired number of parallel streams. By default it is set to 1, E.g. lazyload_streams=2 will allow 2 concurrent streams.
InMemory DatabaseAdded new feature to TargitDB, to help reduce memory consumption.System now stores row numbers internally when evaluating main loop, and only generates output select values when generating output columns
InMemory DatabaseNew Optimization to reduce memory consumption.When processing the output of a query, the intermediate output produced by the main loop, can be released, to help the garbage collector, to reduce memory consumption, once the output of that column has been processed.
InMemory DatabaseEnabled new row optimization feature that was not previously enabled 
InMemory DatabaseRow optimization is now enabled by whether bitpacking is turned on or off. 
InMemory DatabaseAdded a new autokill feature, that can automatically kill queries after a specified time in minutes in tiServer.By default this feature is not enabled, but can be enabled, by adding autokill=5 to targitdb.ini and restarting the service to kill queries after 5 minutes.
InMemory DatabaseAdded Microsoft.Code.Analysis version 2.1 to targitdbThis is the fastest version of the Code Compiler. Newer Versions are slower
InMemory DatabaseAdded support for expressions of aggregates in the Order BY clause of the over clause.This fixes an issue, where this kind of query could cause a server crash
InMemory DatabaseUpdated tiquery to show all available information, when you select List_connections, in the Dot Net 8 version. 
InMemory DatabaseStartup failure due to enabled query cache flagDatabase fails to start when querycache flag is enabled in targitdb.ini file.
 Added Microsoft.Code.Analysis version 2.1 to targitdbThis is the fastest version of the Code Compiler. Newer Versions are slower


2024 - April (24.04.23002)

TypeComponentsChange log titleChange log description
ServerCommand Line Tool for TARGIT Server APIThe TARGIT Command Line tool may be used to copy documents between your TARGIT Server and your local PC - especially convenient in a cloud scenario. For more information, please refer to this link:
Windows clientQuickly reuse a criteria bar across documents through simple copy/pasteThis enable a simple copy paste to replicate a specific criteria bar across documents. For further information on setting this up, please visit
Windows clientSupport for member property behavior in crosstabWhen having multiple nested dimensions in a crosstab, the performance of the crosstab may now be optimized. This is useful when the data warehouse does not support member properties - e.g. when working with Tabular models. For further information on setting this up, please visit
ETL StudioOption to deploy database to cloudA new option for an .impm file is available that allows you to upload a database to your cloud tenant after script executed successfully. Note that you must create a cloud database and copy it's upload key in order to upload it to your cloud tenant.
ETL StudioA new Online Data Provider for making Generic REST API requests is availableSee details how to set it up on the portal:
VSCodeExtensionVisual Studio Code pluginTARGIT has created an InMemory Database extension for the Visual Studio Code app. It enables you to query your InMemory databases from within the Visual Studio Code app with the additional syntax checking and assistance that is provided by this app. This is an alternative to the native TARGIT InMemory Query Tool, which has less rich options compared to the Visual Studio Code app. For further help on setting it up, please refer to this documentation:
Plugin: Online Data ProviderA new Online Data Provider for making Generic REST API requests is availableSee details how to set it up on the portal:
JS ConnectorA new Online Data Provider for making Generic REST API requests is availableSee details how to set it up on the portal:
Windows clientThe TARGIT Suite now using .NET 8When using the TARGITSetup.exe this new requirement are automatically installed.
InstallerHttps binding was replaced with default http binding during upgradeA modified behavior will refrain from removing an existing HTTPS binding from the "TARGIT Data Service" website.
Plugin: DirectoryUnable to delete data source from directory pluginIn earlier versions, removing a data source that belonged to a directory data source was not feasible. Now, it's possible to remove it if the data source has a status of 'Unavailable' or 'Broken'.
AnywhereSlicer: With local user dimension not able to render in AnywhereSlicer with local user dimension was not able to render in Anywhere
AnywhereProtocols that are not HTTP or HTTPS are no longer supported in Anywhere. 
AnywhereCriteria from different cube than object will be removed in WindowsWhen applying a local criteria from another cube than object source data cube, it was removed in the Windows client.
AnywhereLink from Share in Anywhere not working due to length issue
AnywherePrevious document (last drill state) removes parameters from an embedded link 
AnywhereSlicer with search only seems to load full dataSearch slicer is loading full data on open document.
AnywhereCriteria Bar: All dynamic date filters other than 'Between' are not displayedThe dynamic filter in criteria bar is not shown in Anywhere
AnywhereNot respecting axis min in maximized mode and after object is maximizedWhen set axis min to 0, is was not respected when maximized charts
InsightsPredefined dynamic periods are hidden if members could not be not foundIf selecting a dynamic periods the Predefined periods cloud not be shown
ServerBetter error message when TARGIT Server encounters an unknown column type 
Windows clientNot possible to map/unmap if dimension on x-axis and member different from area map name 
Windows clientNamed colors: Mouse over should show Display name and not Original nameThe hover text was not showing the name colored display name
Windows clientMissing translation of user dimensionTranslation of user dimension was not shown
Windows clientIncorrect dynamic date translation for Dutch language 
Windows clientMember property on x-axis will not be placed correct and in some cases show members not linked to the dimensionMember properties on x axis is not displayed correct
Windows clientSlicer: Maximize is missing in Designer ModeThe slicer and show data can now be maximized in designer mode
Windows clientAdding dimension to the other axis after data has been fetched will result in errorIf data has been fetched and a dimension is added the other axis you will get an error saying "An error occurred while processing the result" Exception Expected 0 dimension on X, received 1".
Windows clientBehave as Member property: Dynamic caption not correct if dimension after not set as member propertyDynamic caption is "duplicated" to the first column not set as member property after member property column.
Windows clientDynamic Caption: Specific members with dynamic captions only show placeholders - not values
When upgrading to 2024 February release, dynamic captions on specific members are displayed as placeholders, not the values referred to. Saving documents with these dynamic captions in the 2024 February release will save this way of displaying dynamic captions in the future. In this case, the dynamic captions need to be corrected in this or future versions and the document saved.
If the document was not saved in 2024 February release, the dynamic captions will be displayed in the correct way once upgrading to this or future versions.
Windows clientStandard Hierarchy with 1 level visibility unchecked stays blank in new version.Table will open with no data as the levels are not shown
Windows clientColor: Not possible to color calculated rowThe color in chart properties cannot be change for Customer hierarchy.
Windows clientGlobalDimensions.xml: Custom value in criteria not workingGlobalDimensions.xml: Issue with custom value functionality within criteria
Windows clientTrigger from menu not shown in Bookmark if relative link is enabled and Bookmark saved in other folder 
Windows clientCopy/Paste: Copying objects to a solution not containing the used connection will result in errorCopy object from one Solution to another causes exception
Windows clientTrigger: Update Global Criteria overwrites local criteriaThe trigger was not updating global criteria correct
Windows clientRelative links on Trigger in menu file gives blank menu 
Windows clientRemove inaccessible members not updating instantly for User dimension and Criteria barRemove inaccessible members for User dimension, Global criteria and Criteria bar editor was not updating instantly.
Windows clientTrigger criteria: Database is not showed as marked in criteria overview
If whole database is selected as trigger criteria the selection is not showed although it is applied correct.
Windows clientLanguage: Description from TARGIT Management Language is not shown in clientThe hover and show explanation text is missing
Windows clientNew calculation name can not be changed via Advanced CalculationsWhen adding a new calculation the name cannot be changed
Windows clientDynamic date origin: Date can change if local criteria is changedThe Dynamic date origin is changed when the enable "Keep thoughtout the session" is set and user edit the local criteria.
Windows clientSlicer: Visibility settings in hierarchies not respectedWhen using a hierarchy on a slicer object, all levels are visible even if hidden by visibility,
Windows clientEmbedded links: If connection is translated in Management source data mapping will be removedWhen adding translation to source data the Embedded link is broken.
Windows clientConsumers and Advanced users can not access Data Discovery cubes 
Windows clientMenu: Trigger to PDF in no access folder will be shown in menu (Do not open)In a menu when linking to PDF, the menu does to behave as when you link to a xview document. The menu item is shown even if the user has no access to the folder. So it can be confused with an error because nothing happens when the user click on the trigger.
Windows clientSlicer object do not have the option to toggle to crosstab in Designer modeThe option to shown data in crosstab is not available.
Windows clientTrigger: Criteria not transferred to BookmarksThe criteria was not transferred to bookmarks
Windows clientMissing translations of cube titlesTranslation was not updated first time selecting data source tree
Windows clientIf a text box template is renamed it will be removed from text boxWhen rename a textbox template the name was not updated for other textbox using the template.
Windows clientRandom error shown when Clicking OK in Page setting windowAdded some code that checks if the windows has been loaded before Click OK.
Windows clientCrosstab: Horizontal scrolling not allways possibleThe horizontal scrolling in a crosstab cloud is always possible.
Windows clientScheduled jobs dialog: Crash if anserver is closed while job is runningIf the scheduledjob dialog is open while a scheduled job is running, and the client encounters an error on server, the Windows client will crash/shut down.
Windows clientNamed colors: In color picker dialog the hover text is not changing when renaming the colorThen renaming a named color the Display name (new name) must be showed as hover text. This fix only applies for color picker dialog.
ETL StudioArgument null exception thrown when cancelling script executionAn exception could be thrown if a script execution was cancelled using "Cancel" button in output window. A fix was delivered and additional changes were made to ETL Studio's Save & Close dialog to ensure project is saved and synchronized before closing ETL Studio.
ETL StudioA Profiler application icon is missing from ETL StudioAn icon launching Profiler application was missing in ETL Studio's ribbon menu.
ETL StudioOnline Data Providers do not save selected parametersThis could happen if an Online Data Provider's form was opened and then saved without any interaction with any control there.
ETL StudioNull reference exception thrown when closing a tab in ETL StudioAn exception could be thrown if an .impm tab in ETL Studio was closed by clicking X button or by mouse middle-clicking on it.
Calculation EngineHtmltotext function throws errorAn error will be thrown if a value, passed into the function is either empty string or contains multiple elements on the document's root level
Data Discovery Add File buttonThe data source isn't generated by employing the "Add file" button or by utilizing the Directory plugin.Varying file extensions' casing may result in scenarios where the directory data source fails to initiate the creation of a new data source if its file extension differs in case from lowercase.
Data Discovery Add File buttonDuplication of data sources and cubes: case sensitivity in file uploads using "Add file" buttonWhen uploading a file with a different case from an already uploaded file, it causes duplication of the data source and cube.
Data Discovery Back-endModifying files in the file system linked to data sources can lead to the crashing of the w3wp process.Enhanced product stability; crashes previously linked to rapid bulk changes to files in the file system, which were associated with data sources, in particular that were created using the directory plugin.
Plugin: DirectoryBehavior of empty directory data source after restartAfter a restart, a directory data source pointing to an empty directory in the file system will not respond to new files, changes to existing files, or trigger subsequent data source updates.
Plugin: DirectoryCease the automatic removal of data sources generated through the directory pluginPreviously, data sources generated using the directory plugin would be automatically deleted if the underlying file was removed from the file system. With the new update, the data source will transition to an 'unavailable' status but will still be listed among the data sources.
Plugin: ExcelLoading file from network path causes errorError message appears when you try to load a file from a network share
Plugin: JSONFile is locked after data source's creationA bug caused a file to be locked by Data Discovery even after a data source was successfully created.
Plugin: JSONThe performance of the JSON plugin is slow when processing large filesEnhancements have been implemented in a plugin, resulting in accelerated processing for specific files.
Plugin: MySQLCustom query can not be editedCustom query was always overwritten on data source's edit form with an auto-generated query.
Driver: FileListUnable to use driver via gateway clientA bug caused a driver to throw exception when it was being used via a gateway client service.
Driver: JSONThe performance of the JSON driver is slow when processing large filesEnhancements have been implemented in a driver, resulting in accelerated processing for specific files.


2024 - February (24.02.13001)

TypeComponentsChange log titleChange log description
Windows clientDynamic time support in slicer objectSince dynamic time plays an important role in applying criteria in dashboards, we have added support for dynamic time in the slicer object - implemented much like the criteria bar.
Windows clientUser Dimensions in other criteria dialogs
When working with criteria settings in a number of different dialogs, these dimensions will also be available in a separate 'User dimensions' folder
The 'User dimensions' folder is available in these dialogs:
- Criteria / Ignore dimensions
- Criteria / Required criteria
- Criteria / Filter delegates
- Trigger / Criteria
Windows clientLock calculated row at top of tableA calculated row can now be locked at the top of a crosstab. It stays at the top of the crosstab – regardless of sorting or filtering data. Multiple calculated rows can be locked at the top of the crosstab in custom order.
Windows clientOption to easily copy URL for current documentWith this option under the 'Share' functionality, a designer user can quickly share a link to other users. The URL can be freely shared through platform of choice, e.g., Teams (Anywhere only), Messenger, Outlook etc.
Windows clientNew variable for email subject while Batch ProcessingThis improves information about the content of the batched email by including the variable in the email subject: E.g: Email subject: “Sold vehicles [batch variable]”.
Windows clientTranslation options to calculations and to dynamic captions
ETL StudioTask Hiding Feature in .impm FilesIt is now possible to hide specific tasks from the .impm file's designer by clicking Ctrl+Q and accessing the 'Hide task' dialog. Here, you will be able to utilize settings to hide tasks based on partial or full task names, specific text cases, or regular expressions.
AnywhereSlicer: Remove object toolbar contentThe object toolbar is in the way for combo box slicers in consumer mode and should be removed with the exception of the drill out button.
AnywhereEmpty parameter in embedded links with multiple arguments should no longer contain '=' character
When defining embedded links with multiple arguments, empty arguments should no longer have the '=' character included.
For example:
Previously you could include the '=' character after parameter1:
The '=' character should be removed going forward:
Windows clientImprove error message in Smartpad Source data when there are duplicate metadata
If it is merely duplicates (which can be ignored), there is also a button to ignore and continue, so that the customer knows there is something wrong, but can continue using the rest of the cube. When the cube is refreshed, the error message reappears and can be ignored again.
This is only implemented in Data Source
Anywhere"Criteria member not found in database" is not colored in AnywhereIn the criteria bar when selected members on a dimension are not found, they are highlighted in red in the Windows client. This is not the case in the Anywhere client.
AnywhereTextboxes affected in Anywhere when "Criteria members not found in the database"The members data are now shown
AnywhereTriggers with Relative links not working for BookmarksIf a document has relative links and is opened in anywhere through a bookmark, the relative links will not work.
AnywhereMailto URL not working in AnywhereIn a Menu, the mailto function for URL would open a new browser tab instead of Mail software.
AnywhereRelative link enabled on Menu file (not trigger) will cause the menu to not show if opened from a Bookmark saved in other folderMenu file with relative link opened from a Bookmark is not shown in Anywhere
AnywhereTrigger: Criteria only transferred to first document when trigger to Bookmark with multiple documentsA trigger only transferred the criteria to first document when using Bookmark with multiple documents
AnywhereAnywhere: "Load data" does not workWhen pressing load data in Anywhere nothings happens
AnywhereFile and folder names with # cannot be opened in Anywhere 
AnywhereCriteria are now shown for embedded links in criteriabar 
AnywhereRefresh menu button does not refresh data in AnywhereMenu button "Refresh" did not load new data in Anywhere.
AnywhereSlicer based on user dimension is shown as unable to render chart in AnywhereIn the anywhere client either never appears or shows the error message "Unable to render chart" for user dimensions.
AnywhereGeneric embedding links cannot have two filters on same argument 
AnywhereWhen Refresh immediately is disabled 'Apply' not working in AnywhereWhen Refresh immediately is disabled and user press 'Apply' in Anywhere criteria is not applied.
AnywhereGeneric embedding link does not work when key contains an '&'When using generic embedding and the key is equal a string that holds an '&', the criteria does not work.
BootstrapperMissing warning when installling TARGIT on a OEM versionA warning saying is cannot be upgraded
Management“Expression not found” error in Mangement.“Expression not found” error in Management when you Look up user permissions and click on the Database tab
ServerThe Designer used to be able to see the Data Discovery (DD) cubes that they had created in the source data
The role permission in none management is not respected
ServerMissing IP adresses in TARGIT Auxiliary LogAll transactions in TARGIT log are logged with '::1' in IP column.
ServerUnable to login when security model is configured as OpenID only
The server checks the security model for the user logging is configured to run as.
ServerSearch by key values did not work on SSAS via GatewaySearch by key values and other features do not work on SSAS via Gateway if the Gateway connection name is different from the database name on the SSAS server
ServerDimension used more than once in a cube makes it unable to use custom value search 
Windows clientCreating a new dashboard will enable design tab but not go to design-modeIt is possible to insert elements, and they are added, but not visible because client is still in consumer-mode.
Windows clientColors are not saved on shared user dimensions.If an object is using a user dimension, changing shared colors are not saved, so you cannot change color on the objetct
Windows clientSource data in embedded link dialog does not match Source data in SmartpadEmbedded link dialog the hierarchies turn are shown as member properties
Windows clientFixed so color sorting is done by Display name 
Windows clientMeasures which have names that are given the same key in an internal list causes duplicates not allowed errorReports/dashboards can be opened because of this error.
Windows clientFixed an error where the Windows client could crash when deleting report page. 
Windows clientGauge / User dimensions colors are shown as BGR instead of RGBGauge using user dimension shows element colors as BGR instead of RGB
Windows clientColor palette not selected correctly when Color by is "Automatic"The selected color palette now shown.
Windows clientColoring of non-shared user dimensions not possible in charts 
Windows clientNot possible to see if Named Color is selected or not when selecting colorsSince the name of the named colors is not displayed in the color selection dialog, the user cannot see that it is a named color that has been selected.
Windows clientMenu files properties displaying earlier linked menu file nameImproved updates of menu files properties
Windows clientNot able to use Shift to select a range for a hierarchy 
Windows clientNamed colors can not be saved for font color in crosstab titleThe Name color is not save when used in Crosstab title
Windows clientSVG maps not saving locations when using hierarchy 
Windows clientFilter delegate: The specified query is too complex to be evaluated as a single statementIn some cases when many members are used as filter delegate an error is returned - "The specified query is too complex to be evaluated as a single statement".
Windows clientFile can not be dragged to folder outside the scrolled areaThen using drag and drop in file list, the list does not scroll if list is too long.
Windows clientUnable to drill on a mashup dimension used in charts 
Windows clientSlicer missing dropdown if changed from list to dropdown 
Windows clientSwitching between consumer/designer mode causes axes in charts to changeIn some cases the measure axis intervals will change when switching between consumer and designer mode. The more times you switch the more the axis will change.
Windows clientAdding a color in new color sequence causes 'Stack overflow' error 
Windows clientColor a calculated column with Color by measure not possibleIt was not possible to set a color in Set color by measure for a calculated column (possible for measure).
Windows clientUser dimensions are show under under Dimensions and not just User dimension in Source DataThis fix will remove user dimensions from the root of Dimensions.
Windows clientShared User dimension / Documents not listed in "Used in" if used in criteria bar with no members selectedDocuments not listed in "Used in" if used in criteria bar with no members selected. So when cleaning up you might delete user dimensions that are in use, but not listed.
ETL StudioData Sources are missing for some usersUsers may experience experience lack of data sources in ETL Studio when they open it if ETL Studio was originally installed by another user.
Data Discovery Back-endPossible to create data source with a duplicate nameFixed issue when it was possible to create a data source with a name that already exists as part of data sources created using directory plugin.
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