Known Issues (On-prem)

This list displays known issues that are not yet fixed in a release and workarounds where applicable.

High Priority Issues

TypePriorityComponentsSummaryWorkaroundWork in progress
Windows clientA slicer set to drop-down and using filter delegate will show the delegated filter after choosing the original filter 
Data Discovery Back-endData Discovery Cloud - datasources unavailable 


Low Priority Issues

TypePriorityComponentsSummaryWorkaroundWork in progress
AnywhereCriteria bar: Should not display values where seperator is <> or at least display separator  
AnywhereDynamic Time: Week to Date is shown as an option in pre-defined list even if week is not included  
AnywhereDrilled chart change to crosstab when returning to layout  
AnywhereCriteria Bar: Clicking on "No Selection" and a new member afterwards does not clear the existing members  
AnywhereCriteria: Unselect on higher level not possible when only some children are selected 
AnywhereMouse over: Mouse over not matching selected point  
AnywhereWeb box: Not refreshing dynamic content 
AnywhereEmbedded links: Anywhere is case sensitive 
AnywhereAnywhere not ignoring that level in expand is not from the dimension in use  
ServerLarge dynamic roles can cause problems with JWT's being too large 
ServerROLAP: Problem with dimension directly on the fact table / SQL Server  
ServerCrosstab load more option is not loading more 
Windows clientGauge: When converting from crosstab - in properties value can't be added before you have been in define mode and back  
Windows clientVisualization Column chart: Axis interval doubles and cause unpropertional share between white space and bar  
Windows clientScheduled Job: Dialog displays an error when navigating to bookmark  
Windows clientCopy/Paste: Copy folder with subfolder will remove folder until refresh  
Windows clientDocument not included in index (impact is that Documents where eg. user dimension is shown is not listed) 
Windows clientUser Dimension: if used in iteration page not included in index (and Document not shown in Mouse over) 
Windows clientSort icons should be removed on non-sortable columns 
Windows clientScheduled job: Error mail is sent to administrators although job completes with a Warning.  
Windows clientObject "table" - cannot move calculations columns  
Windows clientColumns can not be dragged and dropped at the end  
ETL StudioETL: NRE when adding an Import task into the Condition task 
ETL StudioETL: Error message when trying to open a project's folder that does not exist 
Scheduler ManagementSM: Takes too long to show a list of all .logs & .events 
Scheduler ServiceSS: Unable to login to scheduler service using Access token with "Never" expiration date 
Plugin: ExcelDSEXCEL: Capacity must be positive error when creating a data source for a large file 
Driver: CSVDDCSV: String in german date format is interpreted as double instead of date
It is possible to control metadata types for columns by specifying METADATA section of a query, ie
SELECT * FROM [FilePath] (METADATA: ColumnA(type:datetime, format:'dd.MM.yyyy', ordinal: 1), ColumnB(type:datetime, format:'dd-MM-yyyy', ordinal: 2))
Driver: ExcelDDEXCEL: Capacity must be positive error when creating a data source for a large file 
InMemory tiImportSQL Server data source cannot parse connection string with special character ' as password 


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