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Labels and Mouse Over

When working with charts, you have extensive options for displaying additional information through labels or mouse over texts. Many of the most useful labels come directly out of the box, and is simply a matter of selecting the preferred one from the list.


Title and label with dynamic measure name

When working with chart titles, you can make use of the Advanced Text options. In this example, you will see how a chart title is set up to automatically reflect the currently selected measure for the object.


Labels with Lookup values

As soon as you have a slightly more complex data object, e.g. a crosstab with columns based on comparison elements and/or multiple measures, you cannot rely on the standard value placeholders when you want to build your advanced labels or mouse overs. In that case, you should start exploring the options available with the so-called Lookup Values. With a Lookup Value you can essentially point to every single piece of information that exists in your data object. E.g., when referring to a crosstab, you will be able to point to specific columns' or specific rows' values or member names. In this example, you will see how to use Lookup Values to create one uniform Mouse Over text on multiple bars, including data from a hidden calculation.


Conditional Labels

Conditional Labels, as the name suggests, enables you to have differing labels on your data under different conditions. The syntax used, is a simple if-then-else syntax. In this example, you will see how the Conditional Labels may help you in a scenario with Outliers in a bar chart.


Labels with hidden measures data

Sometimes you want your charts to visually just display the essential data. In fact, there may be a lot mor data behind the scenes, but it would clutter the overview if everything was made visible. With advanced labels you can extract the hidden data to still provide the required info - but without compromising the simplicity of your chart. In this example you will see how an object with three measures is simplified into a bar chart showing just one of the measures. However, the extra information from the other measures are then incorporated into the bar chart labels.


Total labels on top of stacked bar chart

A small trick on how to get Total labels to appear on top of your stacked bar chart.

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