Language - translations of metadata, folders and documents


In a multilingual organization it must be possible to translate the individual business terms.

For example Revenue might be translated into Revenu in French and into Umsatz in German. And Product might be translated into Produit and Produkt.

To handle this, the TARGIT Management client offers a Language layer, where the following can be translated:

  • measures
  • dimensions
  • levels
  • folders
  • documents 

According to the preferred language of each individual user, the proper translation will be displayed when analysing data in the TARGIT Analysis client.

In the TARGIT Management client, click the Language icon and choose the language you would like to make translations for.


In this case English has been selected. When entering a translated name, you make sure that this is the name the end user with language setting = English will be presented with.


In example above Amount will be translated into Revenue.

It is also possible to fill in a translated description to supplement the translation.


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  • I imagine that this will be stored in a database, is it possible to have access to it and then insert the translations via an import script? As it is time consuming to do this for each dimension/measure/folder individually and for each language. As I'm the only one with access to this server environment, but translations are done by someone else, now I have to type everything into an excel file, send the file to a user, and then apon return of the file copy/paste all translations 1 by 1.

  • Everything works well but How I can translate Targit calculations?


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