Alternative port to TARGIT port 1301

[Version: 2021]
[Build: 19184]

By default, the TARGIT server listens for traffic on port 1301.

This port number can be changed to an alternative port number, and requires modifications to a couple of files as well as a configuration change in the TARGIT Management client.

In the following instructions, replace [] with the server name of the server hosting your TARGIT server.


On the machine running the TARGIT server, open and edit the file


Locate the <endpoints> tag. If they do not exist, you can add endpoints before the </settings> tag:

  <endpoint url=""/>

This would listen on port 500 without encryption.

Another example:

  <endpoint url=""/>
  <endpoint url="https://*:900"/>

In addition, this would also listen on port 900 on all network interfaces with encryption.

Namespace reservation

The user/service running the TARGIT Server must be assigned rights to listen on the port.

Start a command prompt in elevated (Administrator) mode.

Assuming the TARGIT server is running with Local System Account, the command would be:

netsh http add urlacl url= user="LocalService"

Note: Instead of server name, you may need to use the IP address.

Restart the TARGIT Server after these settings.

Logging in with the TARGIT client

When logging in with the TARGIT client (or with the Management client), use the full server name with port number:


Note: Instead of server name, you may need to use the IP address.


To make the Anywhere clients work with the new port number, you will also need to modify the file


Assuming port 500 is used on localhost, the server setting should be changed to:

 "Server": "",

Restart IIS after these settings.

Public URLs

In the TARGIT Management client, in Setup / Backend, change the Public URLs:


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