Debug connection between TARGIT Windows Client and TARGIT Server

Debug connection between TARGIT Windows Client and TARGIT Server

In this article we focus on connection problems between TARGIT Windows Client and TARGIT Server.


TARGIT Windows Client communicates with TARGIT Server on two ports: 1300 and 1301.

Port 1300 is TCP communication with SSL encryption and port 1301 is HTTPS.

Test communication on port 1300

The communication on port 1300 is SSL encrypted TCP communication. 


If Telnet is not enabled, you can follow this guide:

You can do a simple test with Telnet, but the result is unreadable, since the answer is SSL encrypted 

If the communication is ok, the result will look like this:


For a deeper test of the communication on port 1300 we recommend using OpenSSL.

OpenSSL for Windows can be downloaded here:

In this example, we will be using the ICS-V8.53 package as in this screenshot from

The zip file contains multiple files and folders, but we only need the files in "OpenSSL-Win32":

Open a command prompt and navigate to the "OpenSSL-Win32" folder and run this command - you should change to your server name:

openssl s_client -connect

When the communication is OK, the result will look like this:

To write the console output to a txt file, you can change the expression:

openssl s_client -connect localhost:1300 >TargitLog.txt

This will create a txt file "TargitLog.txt" in the current folder.

Test communication on port 1301

In a web browser open this url: https://ServerName/1301/test where you replace "ServerName" with the correct server name.

Prior to TARGIT 2017 Update 3, you should use this URL http://ServerName:1301/test

The result should look like this:

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