In a multilingual organization it must be possible to translate the individual business terms. For example Revenue might be translated into Revenu in French and into Umsatz in German. And Product might be translated into Produit and Produkt.

To handle this, the TARGIT Management client offers a Language layer, where measure names and dimension names and levels can be translated. According to the preferred language of each individual user, the proper translation will be displayed when analyzing data in the TARGIT Analysis client.

In the TARGIT Management client, click the Language icon.


In a world-wide organization you would make translations for all the relevant languages, but in this class the only language to be “translated” will be English (Worldwide).

Even though the business terms may be in English already, at least partially, it will still be necessary to translate database specific terms into more user-friendly terms.

Double-click the English (Worldwide) entry to start translating the business terms. The translation editor will open and to translate a specific business term you must first navigate to that term and then press the Enter key to start translating. Press Enter again when translation has been completed.

If no translation is entered, the original name will be displayed to the end-user.


The full list of meta data you can use the Language editor to translate:

  • Database names
  • Cube names
  • Display folders
  • Measures
  • Dimensions
  • Hierarchies
  • Levels
  • Document folders
  • Document names
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  • What about translations of chart titles? Is there a way to share it across dashboards/reports? The same words can be used multiple times, now I see the only option is to put in a translation for each and every text, label, mouse over. 


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