Logging Analysis Requests to Auxiliary Database

Logging Analysis Requests to Auxiliary Database

TARGIT Management comes with the option to log all analysis requests to a database.


To enable logging, first you need to create a database (eg. TARGIT_Log) on a Microsoft SQL Server.

Setting up the connection

Next, you need to create an auxiliary connection in TARGIT Management on the Connections tab.

  1. Right-click in the white area and click "Add..."
  2. Select "Other", then select "Auxiliary Relational Database"
  3. Give the connection a name (eg. TARGIT Log) and click "Next"
  4. Click "Change connection string". On the Connection tab, select your server and new database (eg. TARGIT_Log) and provide credentials if required. Click OK.
  5. Click "Create".

Enabling logging

To enable logging, go to the Setup tab in TARGIT Management.

  1. Click Back-end.
  2. In the window, check the boxes "Log Analysis requests to auxiliary database" and "Log storyboard requests".
  3. Select for how long you want to keep the log information in the database.
  4. Restart the TARGIT Server to start logging.


Getting access to logs in TARGIT

It is possible to create a cube based on the log database (note: this requires an available connection on your TARGIT license). You can build this cube yourself, or you can get our consultants to help you. Please reach out to your account manager to hear more. 


License Note

Before build 9994 (2017) logging is an enterprise feature.

From build 9994 (2017) this is a standard feature.

An auxiliary connection does not count as a database connection.


General Note

Since the introduction of TARGIT 2021, the TARGIT Insights is considered the future prefered option for usage logging.

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  • Hi, What is the logging frequency to the database? Will stats be written to database as they occur in time or will they be collected in temp log file and written to datebase every hour or so?

    We will use this option as it provides enough info for us.


  • Hi Femke,

    Usage stats are logged instantly into the Aux database.

    BR / Ole


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