Adding a Menu object

Go to the Design tab to add a Menu object:


This will insert the Menu object at the top left of your analysis:


Click “New menu” if indeed it is a new menu you are about to create.

Think of a Menu as a number of buttons. In the dialog, this is called Menu items. Right click the Menu items list to add a new menu item:


Notice that Menu item properties are identical to Text / Layout object properties:


If you just add a couple of menu items with caption text in both and click OK, you may end up with an object like this, where the width of the menu items seem to be determined automatically by the width of the texts inside them:


Going back to the Menu object Properties, we can see that the default orientation is Horizontal – hence why the two Menu items appeared next to each other.


If we change the general Menu property to Vertical, and at the same change the Height property from Auto to a fixed height, we can make the menu look a lot more consistent.


Furthermore, if we need a number of similar menu items, you can easily accomplish this by duplicating a menu item as many times as you like.


The result, with a vertical menu and duplicated menu items with fixed heights, may then look like this:


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