Menu Item Templates

Any menu item’s appearance is defined by a Template. The advantage of templates becomes clear when at some point you will need to change the general style of your menus.

Let us say that you have designed all of your menu items with a style matching your company’s current identity. Now, if that identity should change at some point, all you need to do is to change the template, which will then update all menu items across all your documents.

If you already created a number of differently styled menu items, you can then save each of these styles as a new template:


The saved templates are available from the Templates tab, from where you can edit existing templates or add new ones.


When you add a new Menu item, you can now apply one of the existing templates:


The new Menu item will then take on all the properties from the template, including text, font style etc. To override a property coming from the template, you must first click the toggle button “Using template value / Using user defined value”:


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