Get Public Key Failed (Ensure AntServer is Running)

Get Public Key Failed (Ensure AntServer is Running)

This error code is usually caused by either that the TARGIT Server is not running or that the ANTServer version does not match the Anywhere version.

Check that the TARGITServer is running

Open the Windows Task Manager and locate the TARGIT Server/ANTServer on the list. If the server is not running, right-click and click Start.

Check that the path for the ANTServer is correct

Locate the targitsettings.json file in C:\inetpub\wwwroot\Anywhere\. Adjust the path according to your Anywhere installation. As a default, the server will point to localhost, however, if Anywhere is hosted on a separate server, the Server settings needs to reflect this.

  "TargitSettings": {
    "Server": "localhost",
    "SessionTimeout": 60


Check that Anywhere is updated

After a TARGIT upgrade, it is also necessary to run the Anywhere Configuration Tool, which will upgrade Anywhere to the newest version.

  1. Go to the login screen of your Anywhere solution and note the version number.
  2. Go to your TARGIT client, click the question mark at the top-right corner, and click About TARGIT. Note the version number.
  3. If the two version numbers are not identical, please run the Anywhere Configuration Tool, which can be found in our Download Center.
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