Logging in milliseconds

[Version: 2023 - August]
[Build: 23.08.31502]

Performance logging from the TARGIT Server has become even more precise by enabling logging of request times in milliseconds in the Auxiliary database.


Enabling logging by milliseconds depends on the current logging setup:

If logging has not previously been enabled and no logging tables exist in the Auxiliary database:

  • When logging is enabled, the necessary logging tables are created in the Auxiliary database, including the TARGIT_LOG table with a REQMSECS column for logging in milliseconds.

If logging has been enabled in prior version of TARGIT and logging tables already exist in the Auxiliary database:

  • The TARGIT_LOG table must be altered by adding a REQMSECS column (datatype INT).
  • You may safely remove the REQSECONDS column after adding the REQMSECS column. Or you can keep both columns to continue logging request times in seconds and milliseconds in their respective columns.



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