TARGIT Installation - FAQ

What about 32-bit clients?


TARGIT 2021 does not support 32-bit clients.


TARGIT 2018-2019

The Client Installer is 32-bit and will both receive 32- and 64-bit clients from the server and automatically launch the correct one depending on the operating system.
So no special installation procedures for 32-bit clients in TARGIT versions 2018-2019.

What about Remote Desktop and Citrix environments?

The Client Installer automatically detects whether it is running on a Remote Desktop server or Citrix or any other remote application server, thereby avoiding checks for new updates every time a user logs in.
To update the client on these servers, do the following:

  1. Update the TARGIT Server

  2. Install the client installer by opening this link “https://[server name]:1301/install” and run the downloaded installer

  3. Run “Start TARGIT://[server name]/install” from the command prompt

Can I verify that my client matches the server

A simple and quick check is performed every time a user logs in.
To make a more thorough check hit Ctrl + F10 from the Client Installer.

Is there another way to start TARGIT than through the user interface?

Yes, TARGIT supports multiple commands to be used for starting the client installer and clients:




Start the TARGIT Client Installer GUI


Start client connecting to [server] on [port] (if no port then default port = 1301)

TARGIT://[server]:[port]/vfs/Global/[document path]

Start client connecting to [server]:[port] and open document specified in vfs path


Start Management studio connecting to [server]:[port] (Redirection effective)


Start Management studio connecting to [server]:[port] (Redirection NOT effective)

My client installation seems to be broken – how can I fix it?

You can delete the client folder for the specific version, which is placed here: “C:\Program Files (x86)\TARGIT\Clients”.

Remember to select the correct build, for the broken client, as multiple clients may be installed.
When the Client Installer connects again. A correct version of the client is installed.


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