Silent installation

Silent installation is a convenient way to streamline the installation process without requiring any user interaction.

You can use the parameter 'InstallPackages' to install selected components. This option can only be used at clean installations, otherwise the parameter settings are ignored.

Installation components that can be selected are: server, Client, DataService, Anywhere, InMemory, ETLScheduler, ETLStudio, and DataDrivers.

To launch the 'InstallPackages' parameter in silent mode open a command prompt and type:

TARGITSetup.exe InstallPackages=[components you wish to install] /quiet


TARGITSetup.exe InstallPackages=Server,Client,Anywhere /quiet

Note: Do not use space. Use comma to separate the required packages. The text is not case-sensitive.

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  • Can you set a custom installation path for the components as a part of silent installation?


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