Running TARGIT Data Discovery on a separate server

Note: This article is valid for TARGIT solutions until and including TARGIT 2021. For TARGIT 2022 and later, read this article: Data Service / Data Discovery on a separate server

If you wish to run the TARGIT Data Discovery component on another computer than the TARGIT Server you must ensure the following prerequisites:

  • A TARGIT Server with a valid TARGIT Data Discovery licence must be configured and running.
  • Ensure that the computer you wish to install the TARGIT Data Discovery component on meets the requirements listed in "System requirements" on page 7. You also need to turn off the secure browser mode for the UI to be shown.
  • An accessable Windows Share must be created and provided with full write permissions for the service account that TARGIT Server is running. This share must point to the TARGIT settings folder.
    Default path is 'c:\ProgramData\TARGIT\ANTServer\'.

Once this is achieved, follow the steps below to perform the installation:

  1. Download the Installer, continue the installation process until you reach the point where you can configure the components.
  2. Select the TARGIT Data Discovery component (deselect all other components), click on the cogwheel icon to perform the configuration.
  3. Customize your installation, if necessary.
  4. On the 'TARGIT Server' tab, enable the 'Use remote TARGIT Server' box and set the server name and
    port number as well as the path to the TARGIT Server.
    The TARGIT Server name format must be [servername:port number], the default port number is 1301.
    The path to the server is the share created earlier, in the format [\\servername\TARGIT].
    Validate your settings.
  5. Open Windows 'Services' control panel and stop the 'TARGIT Data Service' service. Change the service account credentials to an account with full permission to modify the file share created earlier, then restart TARGIT Data Service.
  6. Go back to the Installer and finish the installation by clicking 'Install'.
  7. Restart the 'TARGIT Server' service account on the server where it is installed.
  8. Start the 'TARGIT Management' application, go to 'Rights' and give the current user permission to be 'Data Discovery Administrator'.

The installation is now completed and you can launch the Data Discovery tool from the 'Design menu' in the TARGIT client application.

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