Separate TARGIT Client from TARGIT Server

From TARGIT 2021 Summer

Until this release (TARGIT 2021 Summer), when upgrading a TARGIT implementation to a newer version, the upgrade would involve upgrading the full TARGIT Decision Suite - i.e. the TARGIT Server and the TARGIT Client at the same time. The TARGIT Server and the TARGIT Client needed to be kept in sync.

From this release, it will become possible to upgrade the TARGIT Client independently of the TARGIT Server. 

For a number of reasons, this will be a major advantage:

  • Upgrades will become much less risky: The central part of every TARGIT implementation, the TARGIT Server, will not be affected if only the TARGIT Client is upgraded.
  • Even if the new version of the TARGIT Client should turn out to be error prone, end-users can easily roll back to their previous version of the TARGIT Client without reinstalling anything.
  • Historically, most bug fixes and improvements have been related to the TARGIT Client alone. By separating the Client from the Server, TARGIT will be able to release new versions of the TARGIT Client much more frequently.
  • TARGIT users will be able to take advantage of ever improving TARGIT Clients without fear of compromising their entire TARGIT implementation.
  • Any version of the TARGIT Server will be compatible with the TARGIT Client within a wide range of versions.

How to upgrade/downgrade the TARGIT Client

Upgrading/Downgrading the TARGIT Client is handled centrally from the TARGIT Server. Once you have made the new/old versions of the Client installation files available on the TARGIT Server, the Clients will automatically upgrade/downgrade at next logon.

To make a new Client version available, follow these steps:

  1. From the version you wish to upgrade to, download the and ClientInstall.hash files. These Client Install files can be downloaded from TARGIT's Download Center as they become available.
  2. On the machine running the TARGIT Server, make backups of the current and ClientInstall.hash files in C:\ProgramData\TARGIT\ANTServer\ClientUpdate.
  3. Paste the new versions of and ClientInstall.hash into C:\ProgramData\TARGIT\ANTServer\ClientUpdate, overwriting the existing files.
  4. (Re)Start the TARGIT Windows client. It will automatically download and install the new version from the server.

To revert to an older Client version, follow the same steps with older versions of the and ClientInstall.hash files (e.g. from the backed up files).

How to upgrade/downgrade the Anywhere client

To upgrade/downgrade the Anywhere client, run the TARGIT Anywhere Configuration tool after you completed steps 1-3 above.

How to upgrade/downgrade the client used for Scheduled Jobs

  1. From the version you wish to upgrade to, download the file.
  2. Stop the TARGIT Server.
  3. On the machine running the TARGIT Server, make a backup of the C:\Program Files\TARGIT\ANTServer\Jobhost\Client folder.
  4. Delete the content of the C:\Program Files\TARGIT\ANTServer\Jobhost\Client folder.
  5. From the file, extract all files and folders to the C:\Program Files\TARGIT\ANTServer\Jobhost\Client folder, making sure that the TARGIT.exe goes directly into the \Client folder.
  6. Start the TARGIT Server.


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