Silent installation of the TARGIT client

You can install the TARGIT client in silent mode. The file name is 'ClientInstall.exe'.

Access the Installer from the TARGIT Server with this URL:


If client files needs to be located elsewhere than default the 'Client Installer' can be installed using the
'InstallFolder' parameter.


ClientInstall.exe InstallFolder=D:\

Note: The 'InstallFolder' parameter is case sensitive.

If the user requires access to TARGIT Management the 'CanManage' parameter can be used.


ClientInstall.exe CanManage=1

Note: The 'CanManage' parameter is case sensitive.


To see a list of additional standard parameters please launch the Client Installer with the '/?' parameter from the command prompt:

C:\ProgramData\TARGIT\ANTServer\ClientUpdate\ClientInstall.exe /?
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