Running TARGIT Anywhere on a separate server

Running TARGIT Anywhere on another server than the TARGIT Server requires you to configure TARGIT Anywhere; you do this with the TARGIT Anywhere Configuration tool.

  1. Start by installing the 'TARGIT Anywhere Configuration' component on the required server.
  2. In the TARGIT Anywhere Configuration window, you need to set the 'ANTserver address' to the TARGIT Server IP address/server name, see figure below.
    mceclip1.pngOnce you have pointed to the correct server click the 'Check for update' button. If an update is available use the 'Install update' option, otherwise close the window to finalize the installation process.
  3. You can now launch TARGIT Anywhere from a browser, the path is:
    'http://[server where Anywhere is installed]/Anywhere'.
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