TARGIT Decision Suite Installation


With the release of TARGIT Decision Suite 2019 we introduced a new overhauled installer which contains all TARGIT products.

It means that with a few clicks you can get the entire TARGIT Decision Suite up running and ready to use.

The installer helps to make sure you get component versions which will work together, and you will not risk that one of the components stops working.

The following article explains how to use the new suite installer. 

For instructions on installing the client, please refer to "other article"


Installing TARGIT Decision Suite

When running the new installer, you initially see the welcome screen.
It will show the available options you can execute.
When installing TARGIT Decision Suite 2019 or later for the first time you only have the install option.


After clicking Install, you have to accept the End User License Agreement and click next to continue.


After accepting the EULA, you must select which license you want to apply to TARGIT Decision Suite.
Use existing license key requires you to have and existing license download key.

Request new demo license will create a new demo trial license with access to all TARGIT Suite components.

Continue without license will install TARGIT Suite but if you install the server it will not work until you add an existing license to your setup.
You can also use this option if you want to install other components than the TARGIT Server.

When using existing license key, you must enter the key and click Validate.
Then click Next to continue.

When requesting a new 30-day demo license, you have to enter personal information and click Request License.
Then click Next to continue.


After completing a license request or choosing to “Continue without license”, next step is to specify to the general installation path.
All components will use the paths as default root path, and you must modify the path if you want all TARGIT components moved to another path.
You can modify individual components also.

The final step before installation is to choose the components you want to install and if necessary, modify the individual component configuration.
You only need to modify configuration if you want a custom setup.
You can select components you want to install and click Install.
See other article on detailed configuration of components

All components will now be installed with the configuration options selected.

And when the installer finishes the components are ready to use.

When the installation finishes successfully you will get a final status message.
If a restart is required to finish the setup, you will be notified and have an option to restart to complete the final steps.

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