Trigger behavior

The default behavior of an Open document trigger is to transfer all criteria from the first document to the triggered document. The transferred criteria includes Global, Local and Drill Down criteria.

A typical example is when we need to get even more details about data in a dashboard. We may then create a specific trigger button in the dashboard analysis to open the Detail document.

The question is how this trigger should behave when activated? The options are:

  • Transfer all criteria from the source document to the target document.
  • Transfer selected criteria from the source document to the target document.
  • Open the target document with its own saved criteria

Furthermore, when criteria are transferred, you can choose between replacing the target document criteria or merging with the target document criteria.

When you add the trigger, you have an option to include or exclude (whichever is the easiest to administrate) all criteria or criteria from selected dimensions:


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  • Hi,

    Currently all our triggers have the Targit criteria 'Merge'. Should we change it to 'Replace' because I see the default is 'Replace'. We use it for the Top Menu with links to the dashboards.




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