Trigger improvements

[Version: 2021]
[Build: 19184]

Triggers have been improved in many different aspects:

  • Export active document.
    E.g. create a menu element that exports the current dashboard to Excel or to PDF. This menu element can be part of a general navigation menu that can be reused by a number of dashboards.
  • Export specific layout.
    One document may contain a dashboard layout and a report layout of the same data. In the dashboard layout you can have a trigger that points to the report layout and prints a PDF from that.
  • Update global criteria from trigger object.
    This trigger type will take the criteria currently affecting the trigger object (global, local and drill down criteria) and elevate those to global criteria for the dashboard or report.
  • Relative trigger links.
    When setting up a trigger to open another document, you can mark the trigger as a 'relative link'.
    Provided that all relative links are within documents in a folder structure - from a parent folder to a number of subfolders - you can then safely move or copy this folder structure to a different location without breaking the trigger links.

Export active document:


Export specific layout:


Update global criteria from trigger:


Relative trigger links:

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