Download and Install TARGIT Decision Suite

This guide will tell you how to download and install the TARGIT Decision Suite Trial version. The Trial version includes all demo data and demo analyses that have been used throughout this E-Learning portal - so, with a similar installation on your own PC, you will be able to recreate the examples and try out the exercises of this portal.

Please bear in mind that the videos and exercises are based on a specific version of TARGIT -  usually the latest version. If you run an earlier or a later version, your results may differ. E.g. if an exercise refer to a specific year, you may try with the previous year or the next year to get the same result.

For the record, there is no difference between a Trial version and a Production version, except that the Trial version will expire after 30 days. 

Download a 30 days trial version of the TARGIT Decision Suite

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