TARGIT 2021 Summer new features

TARGIT 2021, build 21222. Released June 14th June 2021.

This version includes a range new features and general improvements.


Web boxes

You can now add Web boxes to your TARGIT Dashboards.

The Web box object can display any kind of web based content - e.g. Instruction videos, Help pages, Browser based business systems, etc. that are otherwise administrated outside the TARGIT environment. 

Basically you can integrate anything that can be reached with a URL. Furthermore, you are able pass on parameters - e.g., a Customer name from a Customer dimension - to the web based resource.

Link to section: Web boxes

Link to article: Web boxes, overview


Page criteria in reports

Page Criteria means that you can apply criteria to a whole page in a report.

This will enable you to create a multi page report - possibly from various data sources - and easily apply the necessary criteria to each individual page.

Link to section: Multi page reports

Link to article: Page criteria in reports



TARGIT Notification agents can now use Webhook in addition to the traditional notification email.

A Webhook is a standard that offers pushing a notification to a service that supports incoming webhooks.

In the receiving application, an incoming webhook will result an action being taken.

The Webhook can be used to initiate an instant workflow process by use of Workflow Automation tools such as Zapier, Power Automate, IFTTT etc.

This means that TARGIT can support different workflows in your organization - the limit here is actually your own imagination.

Link to section: Notifications

Link to article: Webhook notifications

Link to example article: How to set up Webhook for a Trello dashboard update


Notification email with link to Anywhere client

When you set up a scheduled job to distribute information in the shape of a PDF, snapshot, Excel, CSV or XML you have so far been able to automatically add a link to the mail that went out. That link could only be used if you had a windows client installed.

With this release you can still choose this option - but we have also added the option to add a link that will open the related document in the Anywhere client

Link to section: Scheduled jobs

Link to article: Notification email with link to Anywhere client


TARGIT Information Collector (TIC)

The TARGIT Information Collector is a tool to ensure the best possible service when getting in touch with TARGIT Support.

When you create a new ticket with TARGIT Support, the TARGIT Information Collector will help providing all the trivial information about your system - such as TARGIT version number, Operating System info etc.

Link to section: Administrator

Link to article: TARGIT Information Collector (TIC)


Separate TARGIT client upgrades

Until this release, when upgrading a TARGIT implementation to a newer version, the upgrade would involve upgrading the full TARGIT Decision Suite - i.e. the TARGIT Server and the TARGIT Client at the same time. The TARGIT Server and the TARGIT Client needed to be kept in sync.

From this release, it will become possible to upgrade the TARGIT Client independently of the TARGIT Server, which in general will lower the risks involved with a TARGIT upgrade.

Link to section: Installation

Link to article: Separate TARGIT Client from TARGIT Server


Default Identity Provider for Anywhere login

When you work with setting up identity providers using the open id connect integration in TARGIT, your users will be met with several options to login to TARGIT.

They will see your Open-ID configured login as an option and also the built-in TARGIT login prompt will appear.

With the TARGIT 2021 Summer Release, you can set up a default identity provider, which will make sure that the users only see the relevant login prompt.

Link to section: OpenID

Link to article: Default identity provider for Anywhere login


Native DAX support

TARGIT has developed a new way of connecting to Tabular Database, where the queries are made in the DAX language which is a part of the TARGIT 2021 Summer Release.

Link to section: SSAS Tabular

Link to article: Native DAX support


Disable logging to logins.xml

When running on a public solution each login is handled anonymously and a new user (guid) is created. This means that the logins.xml file get's very big (>10 MB), which causes reads and writes to become very slow. To handle this, we added a setting in Settings.xml such that you can disable writing to Logins.xml on these solutions. 

Link to section: Administrator

Link to article: Bloated logins.xml file

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