TARGIT Management - public URLs


This article describes how to make a registration of the location of your TARGIT Anywhere installation and your TARGIT installation.


Putting in the exact address of your TARGIT Anywhere installation is a prerequisite to working with:

  • Generic Embedding
  • Scheduled Publishing
  • Open-ID integration

Pick Back-end from the general TARGIT Management menu:



The public URLs are located in the bottom of the dialogue:


Note: You can test both URL's using the buttons on the right hand side.


Purpose of making there registrations:

  • When you create a generic embedding link, the Anywhere registration is necessary to create the correct URL to embed a certain report. 
  • When you create a scheduled publishing job - it will "build" the URL using this information
  • If you wish to integration TARGIT with Open-ID, both registrations are needed. 


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