TARGIT Management - Criteria request cache


This article describes how to work with Criteria Request Cache in TARGIT Management.


Pick Back-end from the general TARGIT Management menu:




See the section below, where you can configure Criteria request cache:



Criteria request cache.

  • Cache size limit (Mb): Makes it possible to set the maximum size for the disk space allowed for caching (in Mb, default 1024 Mb).
  • Minimum free disk Space (Mb): Makes it possible to indicate the minimum size of free disk space required to enable the cache (in Mb, default 256 Mb).
  • File count limit: Makes it possible to set the maximum number of files in the cache. (Default 1000 files).
  • Idle file expiration (days): Makes it possible to indicate the number of days an idle cache file is kept before it is deleted (default 10 days). Note that caching of criteria requests may be set to on or off on a database connection.
  • Multiple logins. By default, only one user can log in to the TARGIT Management client at any time. By enabling multiple logins, you override this limitation. Be aware of the risk of multiple users trying to change the same setting at the same time – the last user to save settings may potentially overwrite settings already done by a different user.


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