TARGIT Management - number formatting

Number Format

In TARGIT Management you can configure the way number formatting is done in your TARGIT implementation.

Pick setup from the general TARGIT Management menu, and then choose Front-end.



In the upper left corner of the Front-end properties dialogue you have the controls for number formatting:



Client side formatting is by default checked on new installations and therefore all formatting is done on the client side according to the login (or browser) language.

If this setting is disabled, all number formatting is done on the server according to the system language and all clients will see the same number formatting.

An advantage of using client-side formatting is the reductions in query result size, especially with cross tables.

Both the server and client-side formatting may be overwritten by changing the number formatting on the individual data objects in the clients.

The currency setting decides what currency is used when using the currency number format.

Note: When upgrading from versions prior to build 4062, client-side formatting is disabled to ensure backward compatibility.

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